Registered Charity Number 1159834

Rainbow International LGBT Activist Solidarity Fund’s charitable objectives:

To promote human rights (as set out in the universal declaration of human rights and subsequent united nations conventions and declarations), worldwide particularly the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people facing discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity by all or any of the following means: · contributing to the sound administration of human rights law;

Commenting on proposed human rights legislation;

Raising awareness of human rights issues;

Promoting public support for human rights;

Promoting respect for human rights among individuals and corporations;

To strengthen and support, through the awarding of grants, front line, grass roots, human rights defenders and organizations, worldwide, advocating for the furtherance of the rights of LGBT people and the elimination of human rights infringements and abuses inherent in the criminalization of same-sex consensual sexual conduct;

Educating the public about human rights abuses of LGBT people across the world by publicizing and bringing to the public notice reports from our grant beneficiaries for the purpose of advancing human rights and informing public debate. In furtherance of that object but not otherwise, the trustees shall have power to engage in political activity provided that the trustees are satisfied that the proposed activities will further the purposes of the charity to an extent justified by the resources committed and the activity is not the dominant means by which the charity carried out its objects.