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In winter, everyone wants his home to look like a fortress and the cold air did not penetrate into it. As the temperature drops and is approaching the heating season, it is important to properly prepare your home to spend cold months in a warm and safe setting.

1. Waire your home

It goes without saying that in cold weather you can wear a sweater - why not give your home an extra heat layer? Wall insulation, attic and basements will help keep warm in the house in winter and protects from the heat in the summer - in addition to reducing electricity costs.

2. Isolate windows

Warm air will leave any slots and can lead to the fact that your heating system will operate at a higher mode, which will lead to an increase in heating costs. Do not allow such a scenario, isolating the window. This can be done in two stages.

3. Clean the knife

The clogged gutters prevent the rain flowing and the melon, which can cause leaks and other damage as at home and its surroundings. As soon as the trees fall back the last leaves, climb the stairs, a trash bag, rubber gloves and proceed to work. Remove everything that you see: twigs, leaves, dirt. After you cleaned the gutter from any obstacles, make sure that the entire system of pipelines is safe, passing water through it.

4. Protect pipes from frost

Just a few minutes to avoid unpleasant surprises in the winter. Protects pipes from freezing and gap due to two actions: emptying and storage of hoses; Disconnect floor taps.

Early water on the locking valve (all external cranes have a shut-off valve, which is usually indoors) and open each crane to drain the water.

5. View and clean the roof of the house

Climb on the roof to inspect it for damage that could occur during the year, as well as the presence of loose or missing roof chips that can cause leaks during a snow storm or snow melting. If you do not want to climb on the roof, you can also carefully look at it into binoculars.

If the roof has a smooth surface, clean the fallen leaves and chew, since they accumulate moisture, which can damage the roof.

6. Make sure the heating system works

Wait for the first cold day to find out what your heating system does not work. It is best that the system is tested by professionals, which will also be able to replace filters.
Do not forget to drain the water from the water heater. It must be done once a year. Best Training courses for leadership development skills in Australia.