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Freckles are a natural reaction of the body and protect it from ultraviolet rays, so those for whom ultraviolet is a great danger, these are people with blond and red hair.

On their face, a whole scatter may appear - this is not at all some lack of disadvantage, but most of their owners still want to get rid of freckles. There are some recommendations for them.

Since freckles under the influence of the Sun acquire a darker color, and sometimes increase in quantity, a person from the first sunlight should be protected using a protective cream. It is recommended to take vitamin C, consulating more fresh fruits and vegetables without heat treatment, there are honey.

There are also masks, after which the freckles are not as noticeable.

From a long time, a proven reason is known, it is called "almond milk". Prepare it as follows: 30 Almond nuclei boil in water 10 minutes, then removed and crushed with meat grinders. Stiring to add 1 teaspoon of boiled cold water, then strain and add 15 g of honey to the resulting mixture. Finished mass to apply on the face several times a day for 15 minutes, then flush.

Another mask is a "parsley milk." For cooking, mix 50 g of the green juice of parsley and non-milk. Use similarly "almond milk."

For the next mask, we will need 2 teaspoons of cottage cheese, lighted with a raw yolk, and there is a drop of hydrogen (a few drops). All listed thoroughly mix. Leave on the face for 10-15 minutes, flush with cool water, then again with cold water. Apply for 15-20 minutes, flush with warm water.

For discoloration of the freckles in the morning and in the evening, it is possible to use sour milk for wiping, kefir either sources, suitable lemon juice, mixed with water, quince juice or cucumber. For oily skin it is better to use 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Another mask version - in whipped squirrels, the teaspoon of lemon juice is poured into a thin jet. Remember that before overclocked the mask, the skin must be cleaned - for this, the lotion is suitable or simply water with soap, and lubricate the skin with a moisturizing cream.

Still, before start fighting with freckles, think again - whether you really want to part with them, because the nature of all people have endowed them. The face with freckles looks cute and trigger, but the choice, of course, for their owner. Best Training Courses in Lagos on in Nigeria. IT training courses in Lagos.