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Sweet taste is the first with whom we meet in life, because we drink sweet Mamino Milochenko, where there are milk sugar - lactose. But in adolescence and adult age, people often overeat sweetness, sugar in particular. Therefore, in this material we will discuss the daytime rate of sugar and which types of products the World Health Organization included in this norm.

WHO recommends limiting the daily consumption of added sugar to 5% of the daily calorie norm. With a tanning of 2000 kcal it is about 5 h. Sahara / day (25 g).

Time functions

In Bosch's wind wardrobes, there are several options for settings associated with time:

Hemoglobin norms in children depend on age. So, for example, high performance in the first days after birth, and then the children of the first year of life there is a physiological decrease in hemoglobin concentration. Therefore, it is recommended to contact the skilled specialists of the online store, which will provide complete consultation and help to form a basket of mandatory goods.

Timer function: If a paste is preparing on the cooking surface, or another dish that requires exact cooking time - you can turn on the timer on the oven (it does not depend on whether the oven works at this moment) and through the specified time time the beep sounds . Of course, in the final account, which is interested in the consumer, remain and will remain in the future permanent parts set by a regular regulator.

The timer can be configured in parallel with the fact that something baked something in the oven and you have already configured baking time. These are two independent functions between themselves - having a different beep, so that you know exactly what the oven is "reports".

They recommend that there is less sugar added, because its excessive use contributes to the development:

overweight and obesity,
second type diabetes
heart disease
increase hell
the development of caries,
accumulation of visceral fat around the organs,
insulin resistance,
Problems with cholesterol.

Added sugars (they are also called "free") - all sugars that manufacturer, you or cook in the restaurant added to the dish. This also includes sugars from honey, syrup-sugar substitutes and sugar from juice (for juice is no longer fruit with fiber). For example, in a glass (250 ml) of the orange juice there will be 6 teaspoons of sugar (through fruit acids, we do not feel that juice is so sweet). Top 10 mail order brides websites with real reviews.