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What should modern plastic windows be to satisfy all numerous consumer requests and comply with the operating conditions? The answer to this question is easy. Plastic windows must be durable, heat-insulating and frost-resistant, soundproof and environmentally friendly. Basically, the quality data is determined by the PVC profile.
In the market of our country, in particular Moscow region, a wide variety of window profiles can be selected, especially foreign ones. Kbe, Veka, Rehau can offer a huge number of windows from the most famous manufacturers, and each of them is good in its own way. Why do buyers choose imported windows, because Russian products are traditionally cheaper? Let's try to understand this on the example of VEKA windows.
So, the VEKA windows are characterized by the following advantages.
• Unique PVC profile optics, which allows you to get original plastic windows in design. The profile of the century has a silky surface that is not subject to darkening than the Russian windows and even some foreign structures with a matte surface cannot boast. It should also be remembered that dust and micro-damage are less noticeable on VEKA windows, especially compared with glossy surfaces.
• A peculiar angle of inclination contributes to the creation of aesthetic design of the window. With the correct assembly and installation of seals, it is almost not visible, which makes this product more beautiful outwardly.
• The constructive difference between VEKA from other brands is closed amplifiers in the frame. It allows several times to increase the PVC profile statics, so the sash does not sane even with many years of operation. Windows VEKA recommends applying even when it is necessary to implement the most unusual and non-standard designs.
• VEKA windows are characterized by simplicity in care. Holding a glass stacking slightly in relation to the plane of the flap, which does not allow the dirt to be clogged into the slot between the stroke and the sash, as usual occurs in other profile systems. It is noteworthy that this version of the design does not affect the cost of the glass package.
• The high quality of the PVC profiles VEKA is characterized by the same wall thickness throughout the perimeter of the window. The thickness of the profile walls corresponds to the European RAL quality standard and is 3 millimeters, which makes it possible to provide better quality compared to windows made according to GOST. At the same time, the VEKA window does not differ at some domestic profiles on the price availability.
Thus, the VEKA PVC profiles quite reasonably occupy a leadership position on the window market of our country. Permanent improvement of technology, cost reduction and improving quality contribute to even greater popularity of windows in both domestic and industrial applications. The 10 Best Places for Outsourcing of Your PHP Project .