Registered Charity Number 1159834
This breed will be like cat lovers with a wild color and a short tail. Pixie-bob affectionate and balanced by character, although when they are kittens, they are very breathing, but not shkody. They like to play with the owner and just sit on the knees and pour.

History of origin

There are two versions of the origin of the breed. According to the first version, these cats appear from crossing in natural conditions Murlyk with wild trot.

According to the second version in 1985. Carol Ann Bruer found a kitten with one excess finger and a short tail. A year later she found another same kitten.

Then Carol took the cat from the neighbors with a spotted color, and called her Pixie. In 1987, the breeder noticed that the found kittens had a wild color and work began on the consolidation of characteristic features.

In 1989, the breeder established the breed standard and gave it the name of Pixie-Bob in honor of cats that became descendants of the breed. In 1994, Pixie Bobov recognized Tica, and the championship was assigned in 1997.


These are cats a little more than the sizes, where males weigh 10 kg, and female 5 kg. Cat growth is terminated only by 4 years.
The head of Pixie is pear-shaped with a wide face and bundles like a lynx. Big ears with tassels at the ends.
The physically massive, muscular paws, sometimes there are polydacts to 7 fingers.
The tail is not more than 5 cm, as much as possible grows to the jumping joint - the halls, articulations and bends are allowed.
There are short-haired and long-haired cats.


In cats, sociable and good-natured temper. Pixi is very tied to a person and love to play with the owner or sit on the knees and sing songs. Cats are very curious and they are interested in everything that happens in the house.

Children are loyal if they are not offended, otherwise they can scratch and bite.
With other animals get along well, except birds and rodents.

Care and content

Complete the fur needed once a week, and during molting every three days. In frequent swimming, pixie beans do not need - once a year will be enough.


Favorite pets can be finished with no lower premium or natural bodies. When choosing the labels in the diet, there must be meat at least 80%, the rest of the cereals, vegetables and fruits. Twice a week is given fillet of fish and yolk from the boiled egg.


The health of the pets is excellent, but there is a tendency to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. The breed is sensitive to some vaccinations, it must be considered during vaccination.


The cost of kittens depends on the class and ranges from 65,000 to 150,000 rubles. Best ukrainian women chat online