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The Azov coast, whose healing potential has recently appreciated the wide resort public, shot with numerous recreation areas. The Taman Peninsula occupies a special situation, being a famous cultural and historical area with a rich past. The presence of pure sea air, health factors in the form of therapeutic mud of pseudo-clot origin and mineral springs gives Taman attractiveness for all categories of tourists and holidaymakers.

Taman's growing popularity occupies the village of Kuchugura-Sign Corner, the very nature of the gifted by the advantages of this resort. Rest in Kuchugur - the opportunity to combine their stay on the lap of nature with modern resort achievements. The developing infrastructure of the resort settlement allows you to satisfy the needs of the main mass of vacationers of different age categories.

The main place of resort for resort workers serve as a turbase, the comfort of which does not leave doubt in a calm and impeccable rest.

Another type of housing is the private sector, which allows you to choose a suitable accommodation for yourself, based on our own financial capabilities and subjective addictions. Such a vacation option, in particular, is convenient and relevant for a family pastime when it is impossible to strictly follow the sanatorium or hotel modes and rules.

The climate in Kuchugars pleases resting cloudless sky, dry, windless weather and gentle sunny rays. The duration of the bathing season here is 28 days more than on the Black Sea coast, for example, in Anapa. Autumn days without precipitation allow you to tighten the bathing season to the median numbers of October.

The natural landmark of the village is a five-kilometer beach strip, the coating of which is distinguished by the predominant content of wild spa and quartz, that is, the purest sand. Geographically, the resort area is located in a convenient position - you can get to the sea edge in 15 minutes walk from any item. The coastal strip is characterized by a gentle slope, which serves as an important criterion for family holidays with children.

Rest in Kuchugurov is not only a beach time, but a cheerful kaleidoscope of entertainment. Excursion tours, swimming in the crater of the mud volcano, fishing in the Kuchugurskaya bake, rides, walks on catamarans, hydrocycles. Convenient and comfortable stay at the resort makes a developed network of service and life. Лучшие методологии управления проектами для IT.