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Are you going to get the rights to drive a passenger car? But do you know anything about how the process of training in automobile schools is organized? In this note, we will try to cover the main points of training, which are relevant in 2022. What includes training in a driving school? When the latest changes were carried out in the educational program, the number of hours for learning driving was increased to 190. They are distributed as follows .- Theoretical Part (130 hours) .- The practical part (56 hours) .- Exam (4 hours). The practical stage includes driving at the autrod, where various methods and exercises are worked out, which are subsequently checked on exams. Only after that students are allowed to travel around the city. There they work out various routes in real conditions. Theoretical part of the study of the theory tell, first of all, about the rules of the road (traffic rules), as well as about the construction of the car. It is studied how to provide medical assistance to the victims on the road, the basics of safe driving and the right to the car. Students will learn about the safe transportation of people and baggage, the rules of operation of the car. Practical skill of choosing a driving school, pay attention to that this establishment must be equipped with a car carrier. If this is a large educational institution, such autrods can have an area of ​​several blocks with signs operating traffic lights and markings. This is a great option for high -quality training. In principle, all this is further practiced in the city, but it is better if you are already prepared at the autrod. At the autrod, they are taught to sit down in the car correctly, use mirrors, and control products. Here, a person learns to move correctly, turn, move back. As soon as a person is more or less mastered behind the wheel, they begin to work out exercises. Some of them are listed below.- A turn of 90 degrees.- On the entrance to the parking lot in reverse .- The snake.- entering the garage in reverse. Imitation of the overpass. After this, practice begins in the city. First, students drive along the outskirts, and then move to places with intense movement. A person should get used to a dense flow of transport, and at the same time control the route and fulfill the requirements of signs and markings. The students were exploring the internal examination according to sections theory and practice. If it is passed successfully, then the student is allowed to the exam in the traffic police. There the exam also includes two parts. The theory implies answers to questions, and practical is an examination of driving skills. Hand Of Luck casino is one of the many casino sites not registered with Gamstop exclusion software. The casino is new for June 2022 and we can see this one becoming very popular with British players. It comes complete with all the slots and games us British people love and know at . The kind of games we are used to playing in our local bookies or brick and mortar casinos. Yes we are talking about the like of Big Bass bonanza slot machines, Fishin Frenzy and so many more.