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Advantages of baking soda

An alternative approach to the purification of aluminum and restoration of a new appearance is the use of baking soda in the process of humid or dry jet processing. The advantages of baking soda in comparison with other materials for jet processing are that it is relatively soft (only 2.5 on a firmness scale in MOOS), inexpensive and soluble in water (which distinguishes it from other soft media, such as plastic balls Or a shell of walnut). Codes are also a very effective cleaning agent that can blow up solid carbon deposits without damaging the metal under it. Also, preliminary washing is not required, which can save time and labor costs.
When food soda enters the surface of the metal, it breaks and throws out surface pollution. This creates a lot of dust, which should be contained and filtered in the sandblasting case. But there are no solid particles that could cause problems later. Residual dust can be washed off with water from the part, leaving a clean, bright surface, similar to a new casting.
With wet jet processing, food soda (or other environment) is mixed with water to form a suspension. Then the suspension is mixed with air and directed to the part. One of the manufacturer’s approaches is to use a low pressure pump with a high flow rate (180 gallons per minute) with its cleaning equipment. The design of snot, air flow and a mixture of sludge affect the cleansing effect and efficiency of sludge. In some cases, a small amount of aluminum oxide can be mixed with baking soda to create a more aggressive cleansing effect.
The main advantage of wet jet is that it eliminates dust. This is a vicious process. Consequently, the cleaning cabinet does not have to be located in a separate zone in order to prevent dust from entering other surgery of machining or assembling in the workshop, which can save time and labor costs depending on the organization and location of the work process.
Cleaning by bubbles
Another cleaning process that works well for both aluminum and cast iron is ultrasound. Adding an ultrasound converter to a hot tank increases its cleaning efficiency. The converter generates high -frequency sound waves that bounce back and go along the entire cleansing solution. This creates tiny bubbles that explode to the surface of the metal, collecting and removing any pollution on the metal. Best SF moving company which cares about your things!