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The first mini-kit can be assembled after passing the barrier. To do this, you need a plastic person. You can get a second mini-set near the platform, to which a plastic person can access. When playing Batman, go to the wall and use a touch suit. Having created a platform for a green lantern, stand on it and create a drill that will unscrew four screws. Thus, you can access the second set.

Go to the left and use the hook on the platform visible on the screen. Having destroyed it, switch to Batman and put on Arctic Suit. Put the fire on the left. For completing the task, you will receive another mini-kit. You can find the fourth in the computer on the right. After hacking the terminal, five icons will be visible on the screen. Click on the right and create a sign of Batman of cubes. After that, leave the computer and you will find the set to the right of you.

You can get the fifth mini-kit, destroying five bricks left by snakes blocking the path. When playing Batman, go to the wall on the second floor and use a touch suit to move the mirrors. A ray of light should achieve the goal. After you complete the task, a mini-set will fall nearby.

When playing for Robin, rise to a higher level and use the terminal in a technological suit. The gold box will appear from the ground. Destroy it with the help of Superman laser, and you will get another set. When playing for the cyborg, go to the blocked passage in the suit - invisible and, being inside, switch to the costume - magnet. After that, go through blue pipes to a higher level. Using Electricity Suit, go to the other side and turn off the generator. Switch to a giant suit and pull out the lock. Finally, put on the wetsuit and destroy the glass barrier under the ceiling. Another mini-kit will appear.

You can find the ninth mini-kit at the end of the location. Activate the fur using Electricity Suit, and it will leave a set. You can find the last set under water in the container on the right. When playing for Batman, go to the lever in the scuba gear and activate it. A silver box will appear from the ground, which you must destroy using an explosive attack. You will get the tenth set. Thursday, February 14, 2040, Berlin, Richard Nolan apartment.

Pregnant Tracy is located in a recently decorated children's room. When she asks you a little chocolate, go to the kitchen to take it. You will notice that instead of a food collector on the countertop there is an estimate of expenses. Go to another countertop (against the wall) and take the tile of chocolate (if it can be called chocolate at all) for Tracy. There will be birth fights, so return to the nursery, where you left Tracy. After a few moments, the couple will be on the way to the hospital.

Tuesday, Adam Newman’s apartment, 4th visit. After a short conversation with John, Richard will call Adam. We need to talk to him. Go to the holographic board to find an entry about the second fragment of data and accident (you must also view the previous notes, since their content will change).