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How to make a drip irrigation, so that it is effective and allowed to get a large harvest, rules, equipment and the main possible error -marthes of drip irrigation - after the afterword of how drip irrigation is launched, we must remember what needs to be done so that our watering system has been working for a long time . And this applies to all elements of the system. But one of the main elements that fail this is a drip tape or drip tube. To simplify the operation of all systems, you can automate our system, it is not as expensive as it seems at first glance, but at the same time automatic watering will make watering more efficiently, and the irrigation system is easy to water the irrigation system. When the installation of drip irrigation is completed, then the biggest problem during operation , which may occur - undoubtedly, clogging with garbage and dirt. There are several types of clogging: 1) mechanical. Blocks occur with the participation of sand or silt. To fight them, you need to install mechanical filters. 2) Chemical. They occur due to hard water, as well as fertilizers. In order not to happen, it is important to contain stiffness in the pH area from 5 to 7, using acidic additives. 3) biological. Blocks caused, as a rule, by mucus, plaque or algae. It is easy to cope with this misfortune with the help of chlorination and systematic cleaning with clean liquid without impurities. When decide to start irrigation of your site, before the very first watering of your garden, clean everything, activating the system that supplies the liquid, with the end of the end plugs of the hoses. Pure liquid is obliged to come out. This procedure should be carried out sometimes so as not to fight then with pollution. Filters also need to be checked, especially when you only start using the system. Cultures are required, usually throughout the day. It would be a good solution if you set up systems to automatically activate the fluid supply on a small time several times a day throughout the day. When working on the ground, a small spot of 30-40 centimeters appears properly on the ground. With smaller sizes or at all the absence of a spot, it will mean that the dropper is clogged and you need to change it. In case of violation of tightness, small puddles will appear. If the hose will somehow be damaged, cut the tube, and then connect the double-destroyed connector. Having fixed these sites, it is necessary to clean it carefully. When the country season will be completed, everything is thoroughly washed and cleaned, and then disassembled. It is important not to allow the liquid to remain in the hoses. Hoses and pipes are cleaned in a place where there is no heating or even in the ground. The remaining parts are stored most preferably at a plus temperature. Now you know how to independently carry out the installation of drip irrigation. We wish you good luck in all your endeavors! We are sure that you find your ukrainian brides through our dating web-site. Many people have developed many negative stereotypes about best ukrainian dating sites . who use online personals. If you think about it, meeting ukrainian brides on-line is a pretty inefficient approach to finding someone.