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You had excellent relationships filled with excitement and positive emotions, but at some point your feelings are cooled to the partner, and you want to stop relationships with him.

Although the end of the novel is approaching, you do not want you to be the initiator of an unpleasant conversation, and then felt guilty. In this case, you have only one way out. Make him leave alone!

Here's how to make a man next to you lose you:

Jealous without reasons
There is nothing more annoying than someone who constantly looks at you suspiciously and asks you questions. Remind him how he looks at women on the street, shops of stores or your friends, and arrange scene for him.

Get away in his Facebook and his phone and make it notice. Keep track where he goes and what does, and let him explain in detail every minute. If you behave so much before his friends, the success is provided to you.

Underestimate it
Mildly hit him on the male ego, saying to him that the money he earns is small that the successes they have become insignificant and that his life is boring and unhappy. To enhance the effect, you can compare it with another successful man.

You often fall into hysterics
A woman who screams, growls and shakes from the slightest case, is an extremely unpleasant sight and a real test for its partner.

Make out of the fly of an elephant and express our discontent loudly, especially in public places. If in the seizure of the hysteria, it will be able to slam it around the neck, the glass can fire and it is really an end.

Do not listen to him
Women tend to express their opinions while their interlocutor still says. For this reason, women's gatherings often look like a chicken coop.

Activate this your talent, completing his suggestions and ignoring his words. If he talks about something that he really worries, cut it in the middle and ask if this color is suitable for nail polish or something like that.

Tell him that it is not in bed
Of course, you do not have to be so straight, but you can tell him by the neighbor paths and show him that his sexy caress is not fun.

Tell him how good it would be with one of your previous partners. If you often come up with an excuse to avoid sex, it will become clear to him that you are consciously avoiding it. He will find a mistress or leaves that you are perfect.

Fill it with unnecessary information
Start in detail to tell him the minor details of your daily life that do not have absolutely no meaning. Fill it with an uncontrollable stream of meaningless words, and sooner or later he will be bored with pain and leave. Best companies for custom cakes near your .