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Have you ever happened to cope with the washing of very dirty socks, which is not uncommon, especially if they are white or brighter? You are wondering if you were unsalted somewhere and whether it is possible to wash them at all. Here are some tips on this:
The easiest way washing highly contaminated socks is simply putting them in a washing machine at a very high temperature and on a long program.
As for the previous approval, you must take into account that not all tissues allow washing at high temperatures, and that when washing at very high temperatures, as well as in washing programs, which lasts a few hours, it is easier to pull out gum. Socks.
Another way to get rid of heavily polluted socks is to soak them 12 hours in a detergent dissolved in water. You can also use bleach for white socks, but for all colored fabrics, be it socks or clothing, use stronger detergents. It is necessary to approach him carefully.
When it comes to washing thin female socks or tights, wash in the washing machine is not recommended. Nylon socks and liqueur socks are recommended to be erased manually, and if they are more dirty, then pre-soam them in the water in which you dissolve the detergent.
If you do not have time and you still decided to fold them together with another linen in a washing machine, be sure to put them in a bag for washing delicate fabrics.
How to erase very dirty socks
When we live with young children, their socks are often dirty. Never put them directly into the washing machine, because if the children were too dirty during the outdoor games, it is likely that their socks will be so dirty that they not only pollute other clothes in a washing machine, but also clog it. Soak them in the water at least for several hours (it is better to add a detergent into it) before putting in a washing machine.
Not to mention the dirt on children's socks, you can "get" socks that are painted in green with grass. It is harder to cope with them. In addition to preprocessing their resistant stains, you can also try two home receptions.
The first is to simply smear them with vodka and leave about 2-3 hours before putting in a washing machine. If you do not want to use your favorite drink for cleaning dirty socks, prepare the paste from sugar and water and wipe it green spots. Leave again for 2-3 hours and only then lower the washing machine. Best ukrainian online for chat.