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It is in feather pillows that the largest amount of dust accumulates, and in it, as you know, dust pliers live. They are causative agents of various diseases, cause irritation on the skin and serious allergic reactions. To avoid all this, the pillows need to be washed, more precisely, the feathers they are packed.

Clean feathers

• To make it easier to carry out cleaning work, you need to rent a pillow and shield feathers into a pre-prepared gauze bag with ties. It is sewn from a large cut, folded in several layers. The bag is made sufficiently volumetric so that the feathers can be placed in it with a thin layer.
• Before washing, the feathers need to rinse under running water, to remove excess dust and dirt. Only then go to soaking. In the pelvis or bath poured warm water, the temperature of which does not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. There is also a means for washing wool. The bag is lowered into the solution and are waiting for 30 minutes so that the feathers are well soaked. After that, it is erased. It is impossible to stronger much, so the whole process is more like a rinse than washing. Next you need to rinse the feathers, slightly squeeze.
• When excess water stalks, you need to decompose the bag on the horizontal surface and leave it to be dried. Feathers are best dried in the fresh air. You can put a bag on the balcony. For faster and high quality burrows, feathers need to shake.
• If you have a washing machine - automatic (loading at least 6 kg), then you can wipe the gauze bag with feathers in it. To do this, choose a delicate mode or one that is intended for down products. It is necessary to wash the means for wool, it is impossible to apply air conditioning. It is also forbidden to use a spin, but rinse, on the contrary, should be carried out several times.
• After the feathers are wrapped and dried, they are sewn back into the alternium and whipped well. It can be purchased ready in the store, order in atelier or sew yourself. For the manufacture of naernates, only dense tissue is used. Flax or cotton suitable.

It is possible to clean the pen and a dry way, but for this you have to go to dry cleaning. It is also worth considering that it is not all feathers. For example, chicken can not. If you do not know exactly, what kind of birds are used to make your pillows, it is better to immediately attribute them to dry cleaning. Melbet is a bookmaker who has the potential to captivate Indian punters to a great extent thanks to the array of betting options available on cricket. The new player will be eligible for a welcome bonus of 8000 INR by matching their first deposit at 100%. Melbet promo code India in the relevant field when registering as a new player, your welcome payout will be pumped up to a 130% bonus worth up to $/€130 (or currency equivalent). Melbet often offers many exciting bonuses and offers that will make your time on the site more exciting and rewarding.