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With the onset of autumn and rainy periods, many people have serious symptoms of depression. Many are acutely experiencing changes in nature and respond negatively on the weather and all that surrounds them. Autumn depression is often characteristic of ment people or those who live a very interesting life. Let's deal with how to deal with the autumn depression, if you have already understood that you fell on a hook of a bad mood and unwillingness to live a full life.

The constant bad mood suggests that you may have autumn depression. They can be the most non-standard. In men and women, they are manifested in different ways. Pessimistic, irritability, closure, decay of forces is the most common symptoms that are observed in many people during this period of the year.
Symptoms of depression in women
The symptoms of depression in women differ from male in that there is no lack of interest in the work or constantly bad mood. Women more often react to autumn disappearance of appetite, sleep disorders, decrease in body weight and mood drops. Some people have drowsiness or an unlimited appetite.
Depression in men. Symptoms and signs

Interestingly, men are less susceptible to depressive states, but if they have a place to be, most often headache is found, sexual dysfunction, sleep disorders, anger, aggression, quick temper, reckless behavior and others. These symptoms may occur from time to time or wearing a fairly annoying character. Also, men often have pain in the body, back, abdomen, complexity in the concentration of attention.
Effective ways. Get rid of depression quickly and for a long time
Scientists have long established that the increase in serotonin level in humans eliminates its depressive states. One of the proven ways to get rid of the negative is the consumption of the necessary products, and this is: black chocolate, figs, tropical fruits, meat, eggs, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, sesame, solid cheese. The following methods are considered fairly effective:
- antidepressants,
- light therapy,
- Aromatherapy,
- physical exercise,
- Recreation and walks,
- normalization of the day mode,
- Hardening and water procedures.
If you immediately apply several methods at the same time, you can quickly get out of the depressive state and maintain a constantly good mood and well-being. You should also do more to what you like. Think about what gives you pleasure and joy. This is how more than its time as possible. This is exactly the main secrets of how to deal with autumn depression, or rather not subject to negative environmental influences and their own mind. Many people help autotraining or meditation. Yoga and other spiritual practitioners also contribute to the elimination of depression in both men and women. Slot machine big banker demo version of the popular slot machine in the UK for free.