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Spain is worth going only to visit the capital of Catalonia. This Barcelona is a very beautiful city with an amazing Aura and a centuries-old history, where there are many monuments, museums, palaces and temples. It is natural that Barcelona guests want to see all the attractions immediately, so that it takes a maximum of one day. Do you think this is a fantasy? No, with an experienced and properly building its work in just one day, you can get acquainted with Spanish cuisine, visit monasteries and museums, to slowly walk along the most significant places in history. Allow yourself a luxury - order a tour of the city.

You will told you exactly what kind of route includes many monuments and museums, as well as other attractions. It remains only to choose the best, in your opinion, the route, as well as an experienced and professional guide.

How much does this tour cost? There is no unambiguous answer to this question, and never will never, it all depends on a number of factors. These include: the venue of the excursion, the number of participants, the selected travel type - by bus or on foot, the duration of the tour. The most popular types: individual excursion, walking, group, automotive or its own option, which may include combinations from the above.

It is worth noting that the group tour will cost the tourist much cheaper than the individual one.

When comfort is needed and there is no need for savings - choose an individual route, preferably with a Russian-speaking guide.

Whatever the route you have chosen, you will certainly be able to get acquainted with all the places that interest you in a short time, get great pleasure from the tour, a lot of unforgettable impressions and bring home interesting photos. Be sure to order a tour running through Casa Mila, palaces and parks of national importance (for example, Guel Park), the Olympic Ring, visit the Columbus Embankment, climb the Montjuica Mountain, hear amazing singing fountains.

The story comes to life before your arrival, and you turn on the imagination - and she herself, even without a guide, tell you a lot of interesting things. Choose the option that you like it satisfying all your wishes. In any case, you will return to Spain, more than once to join her majestic culture, magnificent architecture and extraordinary nature. Best Business Writing training courses in Australia.