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Canadian supplier Windiga Energy has just signed a power purchase agreement with Burkina Faso, sealing construction of the largest photovoltaic plant in sub-Saharan Africa. An agreement is already in place with Ghana to build and operate a solar power plant.

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The Climate Smart Business study, published by A. T. Kearney together with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), revealed an investment potential  trend for traders in of 640 billion euros by 2020 for wind energy, thermal power plants and measures to optimize building efficiency in the EMENA region (Europe, Middle East and North Africa), which also includes North Africa. For German companies, world leaders in renewable energies, energy-efficient machinery and insulation systems, the potential here is around 475 billion euros.

Agriculture and manufacturing

Also promising is the manufacturing industry in the area of deepening local value creation, e.g., in agriculture and raw materials extraction. Although its sales in 2011 accounted for only 3.4% of the company's total volume, GEA Group is active in the "challenging food production" sector. In contrast, Claas, the agricultural machinery manufacturer, has recognized the potential of professionalization and mechanization in agriculture and has recorded double-digit percentage increases in sales.


The expansion of healthcare in African countries holds enormous potential. The pharmaceutical industry is already active in Africa with Linde and Bayer.

Expansion of infrastructures

Due to a growing middle class and rapid urbanization, infrastructure expansion is a very relevant topic. In addition to the construction of transport routes, there is great investment potential above all in housing construction, industrial development, transportation, water and energy supply, and IT/communications.

At the same time, increasing freight turnover requires the expansion of freight transport by road, rail and water. Accordingly, the PIDA (Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa) - an initiative of the African Development Bank (AfDB) in cooperation with the African Union Commission (AUC) - has primarily identified the construction of power plants, transnational trunk roads as well as rail projects, water/wastewater projects, power generation and the expansion of broadband and Internet technologies as pioneering investment opportunities.

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Investment potentials:


    Renewable energy, energy-efficient machinery and insulation systems.

Africa offers enormous investment potential, which German companies have so far failed to realize, despite the fact that the German government has put in place helpful hedging methods to minimize risk. In the future, German companies should pay particular attention to countries with stable political structures: Nigeria, Angola, Ghana and Mozambique, the North African Maghreb states and South Africa, as well as Senegal, Cameroon and Ethiopia.

After all, Africa could benefit not least from the global investment environment, which favors capital investments in riskier assets. Africa's debt market, estimated at around US$300 billion, is increasingly attractive to investors, and the private equity sector is also estimated at around US$1 billion due to a lack of investors for private projects, offering internal rates of return in excess of 20%. However, bureaucratic hurdles and persistent corruption are always a negative factor; patience is required.