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Ninesel refers to a group of perennial plants, grows up to a height half meter. As soon as the plant is fighting, the stem is lengthened, sometimes up to one meter. At the same time, leaves begin to appear. The plant can be found not only in the areas of Europe, but also in Asia, especially in the western and northern parts. In our territory there are many in high mountain places. Prefers places with limestone, wet and even strongly flooded. It is a meadow, and shore of streams or rivers.
The content of active substances and influence on our health
Rhizome contains essential oils, bitter, tannile substances, inulin, choline, some sulfur-containing compounds, mucus, mineral salts and other connections.
Rhizome is used in medicinal purposes and collect plants before flowering, that is, very early in spring. The substances contained in it are used in folk medicine against the occurrence of cramps when coughing and hoarseness. It helps to calm the cough, contributes to the improvement of metabolism and has a diuretic and antimordatic action. If you have abrasions, you can attach fresh leaves to them, for which you first talked. It can also help with headaches or during seasonal allergies.
In ancient times after drying from the nine, the powder was prepared, which was used in the fight against the plague. And from what other health problems can the grass help?
Nine in folk medicine can be an effective means of headache or hay fever. Helps to fight the symptoms of seasonal allergies. It is mainly itching in the nose and eyes, runny nose and nasal congestion or unpleasant and often repeated sneezing.
Fighting inflammation
Inflammation arising in our body is one of the most dangerous health complications, especially in cases of chronic inflammation. Nine can help in combating inflammation.
Reducing fever
Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties that are manifested in a plant, ninexil can also be used to reduce high temperatures. In addition, this plant supports our immune system.
Ninexil also contains substances that are toxic chemicals. They can have a negative impact on our liver. Talk to your doctor before taking any products containing nine. Devresil is not suitable for pregnant and nursing women and is not intended for long-term use. Young Tiger Trading Style: Full Guide on Forex Trading For Beginners In 2022 .